Taylor Mill Elementary PTA

Membership dues are $5 per person . All family members including parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles can join.  By joining, you are only financially supporting the Taylor Mill Elementary, 14th District & State/National PTAs.  You are under no obligation to provide time or services.

Where does your money go? Membership dues fund lobbying efforts for public education, and participation in the Reflections program as well as eligibility for scholarships and awards at the state and district levels, and also for educational and fun activities for your children right here at Taylor Mill Elementary.
Your $5 fee breaks down as follows:

$2.25   National PTA Dues
$1.25   State of KY PTA Dues
$0.25   District 14 PTA Dues 
$1.25   Taylor Mill Elementary PTA sponsored programs

For each membership collected by a student, he/she will receive an entry into the monthly prize drawing. Drawings will take place at each monthly PTA general meeting.

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